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Extreme Mobile Environment School Bus Designed Dual Element License Plate Identification Camera and Dual DVR School Bus Video System


Product Hot Points;

- 7 years in development with 18 successful live pilot tests across Canada and USA.

- Canadian and USA Patented Designs and Technologies

- Fully proven, engineered and patented Camera and DVR technologies specifically designed for extreme school bus environments.

- Order 5 or more and have YOUR Division/District name Imprinted on the Cameras!

- Easy qualified installation and easy camera and DVR maintenance.

- Secure HD1080p TKD DUAL DVR System.  One lockable DVR for capturing evidence-quality vehicle license plate image information of drivers passing the school bus with the stop sign extended, and a second lockable DVR for in-bus video and audio recording.

- School Bus ready dual element external camera for both license plate image capture AND general video including the stop sign!  Approved camera housing for easy cleaning, low maintenance and safe operations.

- Patented easy clean, high impact camera window, streamlined cable cover, single step adjustable mounting base, vandal resistant, hermitically sealed camera housing.

- Pre-set engineered camera focal length and pre-set field of vision angle for a clean license plate image capture every time.



- Full telemetry including Bus Speed, Stop Sign Activation, Amber Activation, GPS Mapped Bus Location, Date, Time, Bus Info, Route Info, Stop Sign Activation

- Easy to use Frame Capture Software for the best image presentation

- Individual video files for EACH stop sign activation

- Driver event confirmation button



- TKC 800+ Line License Plate Camera Element with Ultra High Finish 25mm Camera Lens AND 650+ Line General overview camera with 3.6mm Lens.

- Patented TKC Dual Camera Housing designed Specifically for School Bus Installations

- Extreme Environment Tested over a 7 years period.  Zero Failure.

Our TKD Dual DVR (Digital Video Recording) system is designed to capture High Definition License Plate video on a Solid State SD memory card at D1 Video Resolution AND to capture high quality In-Bus Video for school use, onto a removable Hard Drive.


The Technical Points;


This system is unique in the fact that it does not share any resources except Bus Power of 12VDC through the Bus run/Aux key switch. All other functions are completely independent, thus guaranteeing complete privacy and security between the 2 DVR units.


The 4 Port D1 LPR (License Plate) DVR is specifically designed for capturing vehicle license plate data with 2+ views per direction. Eg, using the special Teknisult Bus camera Part #TKC, each video image will contain a broad overview of the infraction and a zoom close up video of the license plate information. This LP DVR will collect GPS data and embed this information (Long/Lat/Speed) directly into the video for secure and accurate positioning of the infraction. This DVR will only activate video recording when the Stop Sign is extended, thus eliminating any public privacy concerns. The LP DVR will only capture Stop Sign Drive Bys and record those infractions. The LP DVR will record all video, GPS, Vehicle Identification, Route, Time & Date information onto a removable SD Memory card. This SD card can be removed and processed on demand when an infraction occurs.   This LP DVR includes a locking faceplate that locks out all functions including access to the SD card the network port. Only the DVR activity lights are viewable when this locking plate locked in place. This locking plate and consequent access to the recorded video on the SD card is only be accessible by certified infraction processing staff.


The 2 Port In-Bus DVR is an above standard mobile DVR used for many mobile video security applications. This DVR will also record all video, GPS, Vehicle Identification, Route, Time & Date information on a locked, removable Hard Drive. This Hard Drive will only be accessible by School staff for student/driver video/audio management.


Both DVR units, the LP DVR & the School DVR share only the Bus Power. They have individually and independently locked video access with the LP DVR having a more secure locking system. The entire Dual DVR can also be locked in a steel housing protecting both units simultaneously. Each DVR will have its own processes and procedures for video access, remote access and video management policies. Both DVR units are built and rated for extreme environment operations of -40°C to +70°C, 30 second startup to full operation, 300 G Force impact while operating and full mobile vibration resistance. The TKD DVR is a special combined housing which allows for a secure, compact, complete solution for School Bus installations.

TKC - Dual Element Extreme Bus Camera

Dual 800+ Line CCD Elements

25mm LP & 3.6mm Hi Def Preset Focal Length Optics

AWB, BLC, .0005 sec Digital Iris

Robust, All Weather, 4-8mm Housing

Custom Designed, Low Maintenance Base

Rounded Corners for Impact Safety

Easy Installation Template

Pre-configured Premium Camera Angle

Adjustable for Bus Load Compensation

Cable Cover for Tamper Prevention

Aviation Cable Connectors & Cables

Industry Specific Design

Hermitically Sealed

Easy Clean Auto Drip Window

Extreme Environment Certified

School Bus Yellow Housing

Division/District Size Tolerance


Over 1296*864 D1 Recording Quality

Up 32GB SD Card Recording

Up to 500GB Hard Drive Recording

Dual, Independent Lockable DVR System

High Resolution LP DVR for Plate Image Capture

Post Recording on Event

Firmware Upgrade Concessions

Secure Video Data Access

Complete Video Embedded Logistics

Interactive GPS Mapping & Vehicle Location Identification

Multiple Sensor Inputs/Outputs

Extreme Shock Mounted Housing

Easy to Use Frame Capture Software With GPS Map Image

Aviation Cable Connectors & Cables

Industry Specific Designed

Extreme Environment Certified

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Designed, Developed, Patented and Supplied Exclusively by Teknisult Enterprises, a Canadian Company


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School Bus Patented Milestones

First TKC-A Prototype School Bus Dual External Camera

Pilot Prototype - Zero Defects

TKC - Production Ready

Dual DVR Design

TKC-C Ready to Install

TKD - Ready to Install